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From the beginning, Louis DeCarolis, Sr., knew that the only way he could support his customers' needs was by expanding DeCarolis Truck Rental's multidimensional image with a wide range of products and services.

Truck leasing, once the domain of giant companies, has become big business for a host of small, regional firms. In recent years, changes in the industry, not the least of which was deregulation, helped many executives discover that they did not need to own a fleet of trucks. Leasing became an option enhancing their financial bottom lines by eliminating excessive payroll and business expenses. Executives preferred to deal with local vendors with proven track records for reliability and trustworthiness. This paved the way for regional leasing companies.

Out of this evolution, DeCarolis became one of the "new breed" of regional companies that demonstrated it could successfully capitalize on the potential of truck leasing.

For many years, this transportation resources company has been a formidable name in the transportation industry. The bright red, white, and blue DeCarolis logo, displayed on more than 2,000 trucks and trailers, is easily recognized across the country. Periodically, DeCarolis has been featured on the covers and in articles of national magazines. The company has been recognized many times as one of Rochester's 100 top companies by the Chamber of Commerce. And, the list of awards, citations, and honors, signifying exemplary leadership and contributions to the transportation industry and community, presented by national, state, and local organizations is very impressive.

A man creates a company with a grand vision.

In 1938, Louis DeCarolis, Sr., bought a truck and used it to transport migrant workers to and from farmers' fields. It did not take long for Clapp's Baby Food to ask him to haul produce to their processing plant.

Out of these modest beginnings, he created a small carting company in 1938, known as DeCarolis Trucking Company, and set in place a plan to add other transportation resources.

In the early years, DeCarolis specialized in heavy-duty trucking and outside repairs, sometimes renting out its own equipment to customers. Later, he added a truck terminal, and expanded into warehousing in the 1950's. The business grew quickly with the addition of a truck stop, a Diamond Reo truck dealership, a Thermo King refrigeration franchise, and a rental and leasing company.

Louis, Sr., died in 1961, and was succeeded by his two sons, Louis J. and Paul. Tragedy struck in 1966 when Louis J. was killed in a plane crash. At the time, Paul literally "came out of the shop" to assume the presidency. Paul continued his father's and brother�s progressive thinking and determination to become a leader in transportation services. Two years later, Paul began to phase out much of the sales and outside service business to concentrate exclusively on the rental and full-service leasing.

In 1974, the company realized that in order to grow, it needed new facilities. The new location was totally self-sustaining with plenty of space for truck and trailer repair bays, a machine shop, a rebuilding area, a paint and collision area, an automatic truck wash, a safety and training classroom, a full-service fuel island, and acres for parking.

Booming Years

Fleet and customer needs grew as customers looked to DeCarolis for other services. Trailers became a prized commodity and hundreds were added to the fleet. Sizes increased from 40' to 48'. At about the same time, paint and collision demand intensified. DeCarolis' state-of-the-art paint booth was the only one in the Rochester area that could accommodate large trucks and trailers.

In response to growing customer needs and the potential services DeCarolis could offer the transportation industry, a new corporate headquarters was built in 1980 on 15 acres at 333 Colfax Street. A maintenance facility was attached that would serve as an additional transportation resource for customers owning their own fleets, as well as for specialized work on DeCarolis-owned equipment. In fact, the Colfax Street location was just one mile from where Louis DeCarolis, Sr., opened his first truck stop at the corner of Mt. Read Boulevard and Emerson Street.

This new maintenance facility now had the space, state-of-the-art equipment, and trained specialists to handle more in-depth paint and collision work, as well as perform any phase of van body and trailer repairs. Fabrication, frame modification, and after-market installations were much-needed services for DeCarolis' transportation customers.

It became apparent at this time that the growing customer base was traveling more frequently in other upstate cities. Over-the-road customers were starting to travel coast to coast and border to border. It was time for more commitment: to provide the needed response and support for these customers. DeCarolis became affiliated with AmtraLease, a nationwide network of independent truck leasing companies, to provide a "home away from home" support network that was purchased by Ameriquest.  In 2007 AmeriQuest merged with Nationalease forming one of the top National Leasing Organizations in the United States and Canada.

After the new facility was opened in 1980, the trailer fleet numbered in the hundreds. It was time to look at enhancing the operation with an offspring of trailer parts. This would give DeCarolis better buying power for its fleet and be more competitive in trailer service.

After securing the dealership for Trailmobile, a heavy duty parts and service supplier, the company soon found it was able to purchase all makes of trailer parts and components competitively, and pass these savings to parts customers. As customers found this new source of parts available to them, the heavy duty parts business expanded. A facility in Geneva, NY, was remodeled and DeCarolis was becoming recognized as a quality source for trailer parts. As a result of the Trailmobile parts program, other parts lines became available and the parts offerings extended beyond trailer parts to include truck parts, shop supplies, and tools.

Expansion continues

The Buffalo branch opened in 1987 after a commitment from a DeCarolis' vendor, Zappia Enterprises, to rent a small shop and lease them several tractors for their mail hauling operations. With a small base, DeCarolis now had service and support for its Rochester customers and the springboard to build more full fledged branch operations. This was not an easy task, but steady enough to warrant a new facility in 1996.

In 1988, the Syracuse branch opened after the purchase of DeLuxe Leasing, a major storage trailer competitor. Originally, it was intended to operate only as a storage trailer business and provide emergency maintenance services for current customers traveling in the area.

Almost immediately, DeCarolis began renting and leasing power equipment and further establishing a base to provide complete transportation services. As this business grew, a new Syracuse facility was built in 2000.

Other branch facilities, located in Geneva and Henrietta, were created to support the needs in those areas.  And in 2007 two more branch facilities were opened in Binghamton and Elmira to support our customers in those areas.

In 1989, the Heavy Duty Parts Division was established with the purpose of being a "total fleet supplier." Through the years, DeCarolis supplied its branches and customers with the parts, supplies, tools, and equipment to keep their shops operating and their fleet on the road. A dedicated sales force was put in place, point-of-sale systems were established, and a delivery network was created. Today, with distribution centers in Rochester and Geneva, DeCarolis Heavy Duty Parts can meet all our customers parts needs.

In 1996, Monroe School Transportation (MST), a company that was already a finance lease customer, was purchased. MST supports the City of Rochester and some county school districts by transporting students with special needs and cross-districting arrangements.

During the late 1990's, with DeCarolis' vehicles logging millions of miles each year, technological advances eliminated the need for paper accounting. Today, Paul's son, Louis, heads a state-of-the-art information technology department that has created a live communications link to branches and departments. Now, DeCarolis' staff has immediate access to customer information, human resources data, vehicle facts and history, an interactive maintenance program, and other vital information.

More than you can imagine!

Look at DeCarolis today. It now supplies a wide range of transportation resources to business and industry: truck, tractor, and trailer leasing; customized maintenance agreements; heavy duty parts; sales and service; storage trailers; truck body and equipment sales; used equipment sales; driver training; and safety programs, to name a few. For many people, it is hard to imagine a company, with a fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles that travel in excess of 45,000,000 miles annually and with a staff of approximately 170 people, came from such humble beginnings.

Not just truck and trailer rental

DTR, which has been the common acronym for DeCarolis Truck Rental, has a more expanded meaning signifying what DTR is really about: DeCarolis Transportation Resources. Each product line has a strategic purpose to support current and future customers and the needs of any company involved in the movement of goods and services throughout the United States and Canada.

As a transportation resources company, DeCarolis has the unique ability to analyze and transform diverse transportation concepts, such as lease vs. buy, expansion vs. downsizing, a la carte services, outsourcing vs. in-house control, rightsizing, and partnership vs. low bid, in order to provide a total package of solutions, which are flexible, as well as cost effective, for customers.

It used to be so simple

In the past, repairs, replacing parts and tires, and washing and dolling-up were the only considerations of maintaining vehicles. Today, vehicle maintenance is only part of truck and fleet customers' needs. To respond to these rapid, growing needs in virtually all areas the transportation industry, DeCarolis has developed a variety of ways to simplify customers' lives, including:

  • Making certain every vehicle complies with and maintains state and federal standards.
  • Maintaining high levels of training tied to new transportation industry technologies.
  • Specializing in systems and information development innovations.
  • Acting as purchasing agent to deal with assets, parts, tires, and supplies procurement.
  • Arranging for financing with banks and other lending institutions.
  • Disposing of inventory.
  • Providing a model for environmental compliance.
  • Offering state-of-the-art, well-designed, and well-equipped facilities featuring the latest service, maintenance, and support technologies.

Organization and teamwork pay off

DeCarolis Transportation Resources is an energetic, action-driven company, focusing primarily on its branches, where managers and employees have a geographic responsibility to provide quality service and maintain close, daily contact with customers that builds long-term relationships.

The process begins with well-trained and highly motivated people who understand and are sensitive to customer needs and satisfaction.

The DeCarolis organization would not be complete without its national affiliations and network memberships, which bring exposure and new dynamics to the company.

DeCarolis became a charter member of AmtraLease, which provided fuel, reciprocal emergency services, and replacement vehicles when necessary. It was the truck driver's "home away from home." Should a truck break down anywhere in the United States and Canada, AmtraLease provided repairs within a reasonable time or provided a truck to keep the customer on the road. That relationship flourished over the years. But recently, AmtraLease was purchased by AmeriQuest, which had also contributed to DeCarolis' success by helping with capital purchasing, logistics, and national account capabilities. In 2007, Ameriquest merged with Nationalease forming one of the top national leasing organizations in the United States and Canada.  DeCarolis is proud to still be a charter member of Nationalease.

The Truck Rental and Leasing Association (TRALA), the New York State Motor Truck Association (TANY), and other trade associations provide a unified and focused voice for the truck rental and leasing industry.

Formula for success

When Paul DeCarolis took over the reins of the company, it used to be simple. In today's economy, however, the challenges are enormous, investment and risk are very high, and return on investment is a milestone of success.

"We know it takes a lot of effort to do a good job," says Paul DeCarolis. "But, when we choose the right people, provide them with the best training available, give them special responsibilities, and allow them time to do their jobs effectively, we have a formula that produces phenomenal results."

The critical part of the success formula is the unique relationship DeCarolis has with each customer. DeCarolis' focus is very simple — identify who the customers are, market specifically to their needs, and satisfy them with superior products and service beyond their expectations.

Partnerships stand the test of time

DeCarolis is in partnership with each of its customers. It wants to understand their needs and challenges, and provide the right, cost-effective solutions to help control costs. Whether their businesses grow or downsize, DeCarolis works to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. Paul DeCarolis says it best, "Every customer has a customer, and it's our job to see that our customer can serve his or her customer with reliability and in a cost-efficient manner."

The relationship with vendors is similar to that of customers. DeCarolis relies on vendors' products and services, expertise, and training to perform its job effectively. When DeCarolis grows, vendors grow too. Vendors are co-partners, providing cost-control and cost-saving opportunities that are passed on to customers.



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