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Full Service Maintenance   

Three words which can mean the difference between profitability

 and out-of-control transportation costs: 

Full Service Maintenance

While full service truck leasing continues to grow in popularity, some companies still prefer ownership to leasing. Thus, DeCarolis Truck Rental offers a full service maintenance program, tailored to match our customer's specific requirements. Maintenance can vary from a "Time and Materials" arrangement to a comprehensive plan which resembles a full service truck lease without the financing, but with all the benefits of a full service lease.

Full Service Maintenance is a program designed to cover all of a vehicle's maintenance needs throughout it's life wherein the customer is charged a fixed monthly fee and a variable mileage charge. All maintenance and repairs are covered with the exception of physical damage.

Key Benefits:
  • Guaranteed maintenance without investment
  • Availability of extra rental equipment at all times
  • Ability to budget because expenses are fixed
  • Freedom from environmental liability for disposal of maintenance byproducts
  • Tax deductible
  • Preventive Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Lubrications, All Oil and Oil Between Services
  • Tires Including Repairs, Replacement and Service
  • Complete Winterization
  •  24-Hour Emergency Road Service
  •  Vehicle Washing
  •  Extra / Rental Vehicles at Discount and Priority on Rental Equipment Reservations
  •  Minimizing Environmental Risk Through Spill Center Emergency Services
Optional Services:
  • License, Registration and Permitting
  •  Administrative / Tax Reporting Services
  •  Substitute Vehicles at No Extra Charge if your vehicle needs to remain in the shop
  •  Taxis for return transport after dropping off a vehicle for service
  •  Frame and Wheel Doll-up Program
  • Fuel Management Program
  •  Complete Safety Program Tailored to Your Needs...

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