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Commercial Truck Rental   

Why rent trucks from DeCarolis?

Wide Selection of Vehicles to Meet Your Needs 
        Class 3 to Class 8 
        The right vehicles to meet the demands of our customers

Multi-branch Accessibility
        Seven branches in Upstate New York to provide service to our valued customers 

Replacement Units and Equipment for Peak Periods 
        When you need a vehicle most we are there to take care of your needs

Reduces your investment

Area's Largest Daily Rental Fleet 
        Dependable, modern, fuel-efficient equipment reduces cost

VIP Red Carpet Professional Service 
        Service second to none

Competitive Rates 
        One day to one year thru local and Nationalease

Road Service 
        We provide you with 24 hour, seven days a week coverage

Nationwide Network of Fuel, Service and Replacement Vehicles 
        Our affiliation with Nationalease provides service throughout the continental U.S. and Canada

Contact Us


ameriquest DeCarolis Truck Rental
Corporate Office
333 Colfax Street
Rochester, NY 14606
Phone: (800) 276-1169
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